Communion Registration

Starting on November 8th and following our normal communion schedule (the second and fourth Sundays of each month), we will have communion at St. Luke.  This will be different than normal as we abide by restrictions regarding Covid-19. At the end of our Sunday services (and after the broadcast is finished), we will receive communion as we leave church. The order that we leave will be the same as we have been doing - but there will now be an opportunity to receive communion as we leave. The Words of Institution will be spoken and individuals and family bubbles will be able to stop at a table and receive communion and a blessing before leaving the sanctuary. 

Since we will be using individual cups and placing out the wafer individually, we will need to know how many people will be receiving communion at any given service. We are also required to make note of anyone who is attendance at worship to facilitate contact tracing. Therefore we will have to register for communion. Please use the form below to do so.

Please register by Friday at noon for the upcoming Sunday.