Welcome - Covid Information

Important COVID-19 Information for Back to Worship

Mandatory COVID-19 Screening 

Use the https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/  to facilitate COVID-19 screening before coming onsite.

•       If you are sick or have symptoms of COVID-19, You Must Stay Home!

·         These include fever, new or worsening cough, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, fatigue/malaise, chills, sore throat, runny nose or sneezing, nasal congestion, hoarse voice, digestive symptoms (including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain), flare up of chronic conditions, loss of taste/smell

•       Complete the self-assessment within 12 hours before coming to church and have your responses available for the screener. (If you have not done the self-assessment, a staff member will assist you at the door)

•       St. Luke will adhere to contact tracing guidelines.  If you test positive for COVID-19, contact St. Luke office at 613-749-1731

Mandatory Face Coverings 

§  Wearing a mask or a face covering is mandatory inside the church, and while on the church grounds. If you do not have a face covering, one can be provided to you

§  Council can provide more information about face coverings upon request

§  Public Health detailed information is available here:  https://www.ottawapublichealth.ca/en/public-health-topics/masks.aspx?fbclid=iwar0lpyfz4w1pxa3wrtoxir6yhrx1ibmffnxh9eici1nhrsyp3fflj5lywpi

Putting on, taking off Masks safely

•       Sanitize your hands before touching your mask 

•       Touch only the ear loops/ties/band

•       Disposable face masks should be used once and then thrown out 

•       https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=adB8RW4I3o4&feature=emb_logo

Getting in and out of church

§  Maintain physical distancing. Keep at least 2 meters from others not in your family/bubble including Pastor and church staff  

§  Entrance to the church will be through the MacKay street main entrance

§  Ushers will help you to assigned seating

§  Exit will be at Noel street side door

§  Follow posted instructions upon entering (signage) 

§  Those requiring assistance to use the lift may do so with a member of their bubble, or request help from an usher.  Make sure to thoroughly sanitize your hands before entering the lift, and as soon as possible after exiting the lift and entering the sanctuary

What to do when inside church

§  Maintain physical distancing. Keep at least 2 meters from anyone else including Pastor and church staff 

§  Follow the usher and the tape and arrows on the floors to assist members to their assigned seating while maintaining physical distancing

§  Seating will be assigned and restricted to every second pew

Accessing Washrooms

§  Arrive early if you anticipate a visit to the washroom before service

§  Stairway is 2 way traffic co-ordinated by ushers (to maintain physical distancing)

§  It is advisable that if one member of your bubble is going to the washroom during service that all members visit the washrooms at the same time

§  If you have questions, see the usher at the back of the church who will let you know how to proceed downstairs

§  Markers for queue are in the basement if the washroom is already occupied or is being cleaned between uses


§  Individual disinfects hands with hand sanitizer

§  Remove mask following proper procedure

§  Take communion

§  Disinfect with hand sanitizer

§  Put on a mask following proper procedure

General rules / visiting / socializing

§  COVID-19 screening is mandatory https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/

§  Masks are mandatory (except at the time of taking communion)

§  No food or drink are permitted in the church.  

§  Eating areas are closed – no basement access unless for washroom use

§  Bring only essential items into the church.  Where possible leave your personal belongings in your vehicle trunk before entering

§  Singing, cheering, and close contact (hugging) are not permitted ☹ “to everything turn, turn, turn, there is a season...a time to refrain from embracing” Eccl 3:5b)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4ga_M5Zdn4

§  Access to the basement to use washrooms will be one at a time or family bubble at a time  

§  For emergency diaper changes the change table is in the basement and available 

§  Hand sanitizer will be readily available for use  

§  Wash hands well for at least 20 seconds before leaving the washroom.  Follow the Health Canada hand washing guideline posted. https://www.publichealthontario.ca/-/media/documents/J/2009/jcyh-handwash.pdf?la=en

§  Parking lot / outside the church - observe physical distancing without obstructing sidewalks and parking access

§  If at all possible avoid public transit

§  No visitors are permitted at this time without prior co-ordination with Pastor & Elders

§  Individuals should avoid leaving and re-entering the building

§  Comply with signage restricting the maximum number of people permitted in the lift