Sunday School

Please visit for educational content.

The BibleProject.

Middle and Pre-school Class

Great age-specific content for the younger grades will mirror the senior's lesson with most coming from Danielle's Room and The Resource Room. They have now posted guidelines for using Members Only material while church services and programs are delivered online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The guidelines allow members to download materials from the site and distribute them via email to parents and students, but not to post the material on the church website.

So if you would like to receive materials weekly from a teacher - just contact us

Or if you would like direct member access to The Resource Room - again, please contact us.

Online Resources

Beginner's Bible Resources have YouTube series (Lesson 1 - God's Good Creation) and Bible games and activities that are well suited to younger kids aged 6 and under.  These materials are provided by Zonderkidz which is the children's group of Zondervan.


LifeWay Press (who publish Gospel Project materials) has gathered a host of free resources to help churches, groups, and families continue their ministries during the pandemic.  Included in these resources is Lifeway Kids at Home which has materials for pre-schoolers as well as for kids in Grades 1-6.  This material is free - parents just need to create an account to get a digital pass.


Mission Bible Class is a very helpful resource - well organized and containing lots of links to games, puzzles and colouring pages.  It also has a section with suggestions for family Bible time:  Family Bible Time


While not child-centric, The Bible Project produces excellent videos which our youth find very engaging. And at this time of crisis, an 8 week "Church at Home" newsletter will help you to engage in Scripture, with a video clip, short audio message, and discussion questions. Sign up for their newsletter when you visit that page.


Concordia Publishing House has both family-time devotions, Sunday school lessons, activity sheets and other home-based educational content.


Lutheran Laymen’s League and Lutheran Hour Ministries has a repository of PDF booklets of Bible stories and Christian education for children.  At the bottom of the page are activity sheets to accompany the Bible readings for each Sunday.


Danielle’s Place contains Bible-based learning fun, crafts, and game ideas for younger students.


The Resource Room is a sister website to Danielle’s Place and provides a far richer depth of Bible lesson materials.  Content to the Resource Room is through a group membership, for which we have a few remaining seats.


Seeds Family Worship have over 160 Bible verses put to music and actions on YouTube, making memorizing easy and fun.


Calvary Curriculum has almost 600 Bible studies for teaching 3-12 year olds, teaching guides, posters and other resources.  What once was freely accessible is now mostly behind a pay-wall, but some sample content is available.